⚖️Web3 Manifesto

Governance by the community

We strongly believe that the best way to create an immersive game for our community is to build this game and its mechanics together, with you.

Hence, we will put many decisions to the vote of the players, the right to vote being associated with the possession of an NFT. It is a way for us to listen to players and allow them to intervene in certain important choices: game mechanics, technological choices, investment choices, etc.

However, we do not plan to release a governance token.

We hear anyone from the community, and especially the holders, but to maximize your chance to be associated to these votes and decisions you can:

  • Be active on Discord

  • Build your own guilds (called stables in the game)

  • Buy an Ambassador Pack (many NFTs packaged)


We hope to put onchain as many things and data as possible, for transparency considerations. It is not always feasible nor easy, mostly for regulatory reasons, and this will be done progressively. Still, we do our best to keep a true Web3 mindset.

What data do we use for horse and races?

Horse racing is a closely government-supervised industry, and we intend to take data from official sources (PMU, Le Trot, France Galop, IFCE). For a given race, the results will be used by Stables to compute the NFT rewards.

Yet, for now, most of the calculations will be done on our side and not onchain, but we hope to publish all the data that would let the community watch how we operate the game.

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