Real Horse NFTs

Only one NFT is created for every horse that is selected to join the game.

  • Horses are all licensed under LeTrot and France Galop

  • We will expand to other countries (through new licences)

  • We will release horses from the past

Selection criteria

Today between 30,000 and 40,000 horses participate in PMU races, called Premium, which are referenced on They are at very heterogeneous career levels, and we select them as well on the flat as on harness or obstacle.

Stables has decided to first introduce NFTs of horses starting their career, that is to say from the moment we observe their first participation in a premium race.

This selection will be made every 6 months, and each time will contain approximately 3,000 NFTs.

Drop 1 & 2

The first drop in March 2023 consisted of 6,666 NFTs, while the next drop remain to be defined. To achieve this volume, we introduce horses that started their careers up to 3 years back, but have raced recently in the last 6 months (which indicates that they run regularly).

These first two drops are exceptional in composition and price: Stables will price real horse NFTs higher in the future.


When we are associated with licenses in other countries, we plan to reach 5,000 to 10,000 new NFTs every 6 months.

Virtual NFTs

Say we expect to reach 100.000 players by 12 to 18 months.

The supply of real horses being limited, this means that within a year we need to find ways for new players to play, and we plan to release new NFTs that are not based on real horses.

We plan to create both hybrid NFTs (issued from "breeding") that will have a moderate cost, if not null. Those NFTs won't get the benefits of NFTs from real horse (such as passive S-Points generation, breeding abilities) and they won't be spotlighted as much in the game.

Real horses NFTs will get rarer and rarer in the coming years, and, most probably, highly sought on the secondary market.

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