Paying real attention to the impact of a project on its environment, whether ecological, social or related to the animal cause, is dear to all members of the Stables team.

We chose to focus our efforts on the animal wellbing, to ensure that the economic activity of Stables let us to take concrete positive actions for racehorses.

Animal Wellbeing

Stables aims to have a positive impact on animal wellbeing by promoting responsible and ethical treatment of horses. By creating a virtual world that celebrates the beauty and athleticism of horses, we hope to raise awareness about the importance of caring for these animals both on and off the track. By highlighting the care and attention that goes into the preparation and training of racehorses, we can help to dispel myths and misconceptions about the sport, and to promote a more informed and balanced discussion around the issue.

Additionally, the use of NFTs help to promote a more sustainable breeding and ownership model, as well as reduce the risk of abuse and neglect. Stables can have a positive impact on the wider horse racing industry, encouraging greater transparency and accountability in the treatment of horses.

At last, trough PMU, Stables support organizations that are working to promote animal welfare and conservation. By partnering with these organizations and donating a portion of its proceeds to their cause, we can help to make a positive impact.

Carbon impact

Stables NFT uses Tezos network that is energy-efficient and sustainable, as a pioneering layer 1 Proof-of-Stake blockchain it has always been recognized as an energy-efficient alternative to more traditional Proof of Work blockchains.

The Tezos network consumes approximately 2.4E-4 g CO2 eq. per unit of gas and 2.5 g CO2 eq. per transaction (which is roughly in range of any web interaction such as sending an email or watching 10 minutes of video streaming).

The project is also hosted on servers by Scaleway, a french provider, and we're looking into offsetting all our carbon impact.

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