🎯Buying and Selling NFTs


For now, NFTs can be bought when we release a new collection, and we plan to have two drops in 2023. Players must be whitelisted to have a guaranteed mint of at least one NFT.

The distribution of NFTs during these sales will be made in a totally random manner, on the basis of the horses pre-selected to be published in NFT.

Later on, NFTs may be released continuously.

NFTs can be bought in Tezos currency, and in FIAT (but we receive XTZ). We plan to let players buy NFTs using the in-game currency later on.


We haven't release our own marketplace in game yet, because we're looking into creating our own way to sell and buy NFTs on the secondary market, such as through special auctions or monthly transfer windows.

However, you can exchange NFTs on tiered marketplaces such as Rarible and OBJKT.

Secondary Market

Stables takes a 5% commission fee for every exchange:

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