Revenue streams

When you buy a Real Horse NFT you, as a player, get:

  • 666 Ꞩ, to play (+ a bonus depending on whitelist & pack)

  • A NFT, that has a value by itself and may generate extra S-Points

    • from the prize pool for Real Races (3 333 Ꞩ in average)

    • from in-game mechanics such as

      • winning an hybrid race

      • creating an hybrid NFT

On the other side, Stables will

  • Sends royalties to horse syndicates LeTrot and France Galop (10%)

  • Lock the amount equivalent to S-Points emitted to the Treasury (~50%)

  • Keeps the rest for Product & Marketing, including rewards for players

This flow is represented below:

And to help you better understand how you generate S-Points from the game here is a summary:


Real Race prize pool

3.333 Ꞩ in average, but most will get much less, and some much more (see Rewards overview).

Hybrid Races

You pay a fee to enter a race of 10 participants (eg. 50 Ꞩ), the winner gets about half, the others the rest (minus a fee from Stables). You win at the cost of other players.


Depends on how many hybrids we need to generate, at what cost, and how Stables share this revenue to players: we haven't fixed it, honestly, but we're deep on keeping you interested in the game to succeed. The player share could make around hundreds to thousands of Ꞩ per hybrid.

A word on Stables revenues

Stables first revenues come from the sale of NFTs, to fund Product & Marketing, even though it is important to underline that Stables is an project powered and financed by PMU (to create the game).

However, we expect to make most of our revenue later on, from converting S-Points back into XTZ, that would mean the game is great and players consume S-Points.

We also plan to generate a small revenue from the secondary market (5% fee, some part of it being send to horse syndicates LeTrot and France Galop).

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