🐴Become a Player

At the beginning of the project, Stables will be accessed through a web terminal that serves as the player control center, called MyStables. From there you will be able to manage your horses, participate in races, and use your S-Points.

Later, we will release a more immersive mobile version of the game so players have the Equiverse at their fingertips.

Stables Pass

By signing up on the website, you will receive a free Non-Transferable NFT (called Stables Pass), that you can forever hold as your membership pass for Stables.

We plan to deploy many advantages related to this pass, according with your membership level (NFT holder, in-game champion, etc.), and our earliest members will get rewarded all along the life of the project.


In the first months of Stables, the only way to be guaranteed to be able to get an NFT is to be whitelisted, through a series of quests that let you explore the lore of Stables universe. On top of that, whitelisted players will get more perks, such as exclusive packs.

If you are not whitelisted, you may have a chance to get a NFT during the private sales (registered members only), once the whitelisted sales is closed.

Later on, Stables will open to many more players and we will release new NFTs: rest assured that the our first collection is the best value for money!

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