Stables is building the Equiverse, a comprehensive environment that hosts virtual horse races, aiming to replicate the richness of real races.

The construction of the Equiverse spans several years rather than several months, and the Stables team has always been keen to regularly deliver game updates, rather than locking themselves away for months before proposing a finished product that might not meet expectations.

That's why we take user feedback and expectations seriously, which we categorize along 5 dimensions:

  1. The main dimension is the Game, with gameplay currently focused on competitive strategy-management.

  2. The Social aspect of Stables, found on Discord, which we would like to develop through player profiles, guilds, etc. Our goal is to give everyone a role in the Equiverse and to promote player interactions, not exclusively competitive.

  3. The link to reality — all our NFTs are associated with real horses and S-Points are earned based on their real results, and the possibility of developing fantasy game mechanics and access to horse racing events for players.

  4. The spectacle of races and the aesthetic and immersive dimension of the Equiverse. The challenge is to make each race create an emotion for the player.

  5. The financial dimension: Stables is not a money game, but the NFTs have a value, and the game is based on a currency (S-Points) that we want to make liquid. Holders of original (Prime) NFTs are also concerned by the creation of new categories of horses and non-Prime NFTs through "hybridization" mechanics. The competitive game also revolves around an investment concept, and the challenge for Stables is to allow investor profiles to express themselves.

Here is the roadmap planned for the next 3 and 12 months, which will evolve with the project and with community feedback:

Over the next 3 to 6 months:

  • Gameplay: make the game more understandable and accessible for a beginner; renew the racing experience for experienced players by developing horse parameters, race parameters, and player choice opportunities.

  • Social: we will open public records for horses, and we would like to allow the player to have their profile.

  • Reality: we continue to strive to allow access to racecourses, even if we limit ourselves to certain areas in the short term (France/Paris).

  • Spectacle: we will make the races more interesting to analyze (information on its progress).

  • Financial: a new mechanic, peripheral but important for player psychology, is the introduction of Diamond races, whose aim is to reward regular play. We cannot assert that the rewards will be in crypto but it is our current daily focus to be ready for the first race in relation to the ANJ. In addition, we will work to re-energize the secondary market and allow new players to enter with free access and the possibility to buy new Prime and non-Prime NFTs and S-Points.

Over the next 12 to 18 months:

  • Gameplay: beyond maintaining the interest of the game by inserting new mechanics and renewing current mechanics, we are considering whether to orient the game around the race (few horses / time spent by the player preparing their race) or around the stable (more horses / races less central). We are keen to find the elements that give meaning to player progression and that enhance the quality of their game.

  • Social: we would like to organize player collaboration through guilds and allow players to create races

  • Reality: new Primes will be issued, and we would like to invite you to Web3 events (this also depends on the state of the market) and especially develop the link with racecourses and real horses/owners. The question of consolidating/creating the link between the game & reality (weather, "mythical" races, etc.) also arises. We finally want to open Stables to other types of geographical markets.

  • Spectacle: our current vision is not to develop a free 3D rendering, and it's not just a question of budget, we believe that the pleasure of watching a race comes first from the symbolic understanding of its progress (sports commentator, overtaking, etc.). However, a better representation of the horse, the events it experiences, and its relationship to competitors seems essential.

  • Financial: Depending on the outcome of the Jonum law, we will allow the conversion of S-Points into a token, keeping in mind that we want players to be happy to win S-Points (to resell or exchange them) but not that players are happy because the value of the token fluctuates. This will require the creation of a game economy with a secondary currency, essential to energize free play.

In summary in the coming months:

  1. We are introducing a new Diamond race reward mechanic, in anticipation of the possibilities offered by the JONUM law.

  2. We are organizing the welcome of new players (including free players, and others who will acquire a hybrid or Prime NFT). The question of introducing Primes of foreign horses is topical.

  3. We are improving the game on its current basis and we will develop the gameplay to make the game even more interesting.

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