Real Races

The real horse associated to your NFT will race in real life, and this will passively gets you currency (S-Points), and experience points for the NFTs. Only races taken into account by PMU (called premium) will be considerated.

The reward in S-Points is directly related to rewards in real life (called allocation). But since horses have a long career (up to 6 years), we took some time to ensure we control how much S-Points we deliver.

Hence, Stables has developed a mathematical model that drive how much we reward every race and every NFT following these principles:

  • When a NFT is created (sold), a given amount of S-Points is added to the global prize pool

  • Historical data was used to evaluate the expected winnings of a prototypical horse along its career. This information let us distribute the prize pool evenly among all the races for about 6 years (most of it being released in 2/3 years).

For our first drop, each NFT will contribute to 3.333 S-Points in the prize pool. This mean the average horse would gain 3.333 S-Points in its career (if the averaged horse existed, actually some horses will gain more, and some less).

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