Link to reality

Passive Fantasy Gameplay

One of the main advantages of NFTs for real horses is that they can passively earn S-Points for their owners when they win a race in real life. See Real Races for all the details!

Hazard in horse career

Racehorses have busy lives and your NFT may not have a typical career. In real life, the horse can reproduce, get injured, go abroad or simply stop racing for various reasons (including death).

This is a real world hazard that will have a direct impact on the passive generation of S-Points: if the horse does not run, it does not earn S-Points.

Royalties for real owners

Stable, such as PMU, serves as a gateway between horse racing players and the industry. Its purpose is to fund this ecosystem.

In France, races are organized by two associations, LeTrot and France Galop, depending on the type of race. Stables shares 10% of its revenues with horse owners through these syndicates, which organize races.

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