🗝️Holders Benefits

As a holder of a NFT associated to a real horse, your benefits can be summarized as:

  1. Premium Game Access: An early access to the game, and a great potential of S-Points

  2. Jockey Club: Exclusive events & merchandising

Premium Game Access

NFTs of real horses will get rare in the game once Hybrid NFTs are introduced, and they will be highly sought due to their advantages in the game. Besides, races ran by real horse NFTs in the game will always be spotlighted, and may even be opened to betting.

Here is a summary of the biggest advantages of owning a real horse NFT in the game.

  • Passive S-Points rewards: if you have the NFT of a well performing horse, this will ensure a steady stream of S-Points even if you're not actively participating in the game (see Real Races)

  • Governance: As a early holder, your voice will be heard in the development of the game (see Web3 Manifesto)

  • Hybridation mechanism: All future Hybrid NFTs will be created from NFTs of real horses, this mechanism will be a source great of S-Points (see Hybridation)

Jockey Club

Owning a NFT of a real horse is also a way to get in our special club of holders, and we will do our best to get you premium access to Web3 events and prestigious events in the equestrian ecosystem.

In particular, we'll distribute gifts through a lottery mechanism on specific occasions, such as

  • Invitations to racetrack VIP experience, including prestigious events if your NFT is registered to the race

  • A chance to win exclusive merchandising from Stables and from collabs we will make with brands we love

  • Regular invitations to worldwide web3 events

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