🪙Token & Treasury (Ꞩ)

In-game currencies and betting are heavily regulated, in France and everywhere in the world, and that is good news for players.

Hence, we cannot engage in any kind of players compensation (no play-to-earn).

Still, we stand for a change of regulation and we believe this will happen ultimately.

Stables in-game currency is called S-Point (Ꞩ).

S-Points can be obtained through playing or shopping, and are used inside the game to buy items, enter races, and even buy NFTs.

The S-Point is not yet a token, but we're keeping a close eye on legislative developments (SREN, Jonum).

It will not be freely allocated/distributed, and, for every S-Points emitted, an equivalent amount will be locked in a Treasury account. This account can be seen as a collateral, and we will consult the community on ways to make a yield on it.

Every time Stables collect S-Points, we will have the opportunity to convert them back into currency from the treasury.

The initial S-Point selling price is fixed at 100 Ꞩ = 1 €, even though we don't intend to make it a stable token.

We want to build a strong and useful token, and we hope to be able to let players convert S-Points back into Tezos someday. But this not certain and will require changes in gambling law and regulations.

S-Points in the game

There will be several ways to gain S-Points:

  • You can buy them on our shop

  • You were able to get some when buying an NFT during the mint

  • Your NFT can generate passive revenue from Real Races

  • You can enter and win hybrid races

  • (soon) Your NFT can generate Hybrid NFTs, which grants you a commission

S-Points can be used to purchase everything you need in the game:

  • An item (a new gear for your NFT)

  • Enter a race (Stables collect a fee of 5 to 10% to organize races)

  • Buy NFTs

When you purchase something in S-Points, Stables will collect them and will have the opportunity to convert them back into XTZ (and decrease the Treasury).

In the future, we're looking into proposing three major alternatives to use S-Points:

  • As races in the game will become more prestigious, we may open them to betting (this depending on changes in regulation)

  • As a major step to make S-Points more than an in-game currency, we will look into letting players convert S-Points into gifts & merchandising from famous brand partners

  • As a final step, we will stand for a change of regulation and the right to let players convert S-Points back into XTZ

What's next?

To make S-Points a token, first of all, we're waiting for Tezos layer 2 (by Q3 2023, hopefully). We will be using our own roll-up so there won't be any gas fee for players.

The Treasury is not designed to create a stablecoin, but we intend to begin with a full collateral and see how players use S-Points.

As of today we see that:

  • We may generate yield (or loss) on the treasury, by staking it or else (the community of holders will be consulted on this topic, in a DAO-fashion)

  • Once a token, we won't forbid players to trade S-Points outside the game, thus its market price may evolve

We intend to monitor all these and adapt. In the end, we expect S-Points to become a real currency, primarily made to be used in Stables' ecosystem.

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