Stables was born from the partnership of two organizations in early year of 2022:

  • PMU – Europe's leading horse race betting company

  • and 321founded – a corporate startup studio

Together we worked with numerous talents in gaming and tech to create the first and only fantasy game platform based on real horses.

We have assembled a team of entrepreneurs, Web3 builders, horse experts and game designers to create this brand new experience based on NFT & Web3.

About PMU

More info about PMU and their story on their corporate website: link.

About 321founded

321founded is Europe's leading corporate startup studio. We connect companies with top entrepreneurs to create exceptional businesses (see our website).

Contact: Patrick Amiel, CEO at 321founded (linkedin).


Our founding and operating team come from various horizons and joined forces on the project

  • Lebnan Nader, CEO (LinkedIn)

  • Constantin Garreau, Co-Founder (LinkedIn)

  • Renaud El Ghozi, Head of Product & Gaming (LinkedIn)

  • Jérémy Coste, Head of Community (LinkedIn)

  • David Patiashvili, Lead Developer (LinkedIn)

  • Jean-Baptiste Fleury, Product Manager Data (LinkedIn)

  • Sébastien Ohleyer - Data Scientist (LinkedIn)

  • Alexandra Vidal, Growth Marketing (LinkedIn)

  • Sylvain Willekens, Game Designer (LinkedIn)

  • Jérémy Alleaume, UX Designer (LinkedIn)

  • Antoni Istasse, Discord Moderator (LinkedIn)

  • Alexis Laporte, Product Advisor (LinkedIn)

  • Clémence Desneiges, Advisor (LinkedIn)


  • Patrick Amiel, a french most active business angel and successful entrepreneur

  • PMU's CEO, Emmanuelle Malecaze-Doublet & all PMU's horse race experts

  • A renowned mathematician: Axel Parmentier, who helped us design the prize pool allocation model

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