Hybrid Races

Stables will soon let you enter your NFT into hybrid races, and later on virtual races:

  • Hybrid Races will be the competitive races. The gameplay is based on choices made by the player, and they are also linked to races in the real world (every hybrid race is a replay of a real race).

  • Virtual Races will be the daily races, used to train your NFT and improve your strategy.

The results of those races will be primarily driven by your NFT Horse Score, which will not be computed from the horse performance in real life.

The Horse Score will only depends on the NFT features in the game, mostly by its gear and its experience level.

The result of the race will also rely on your choices as a player.

Hybrid races will have a preparation phase, while virtual races will be immediate.

We intend to explore several game mechanics in an iterative fashion, with the community of players, to find out what is the most fun and challenging ways to play.

Here's an overview of the mechanics we are currently designing:

  • Gear: NFTs come with some gear, which will improve your horse Horse Score. This can be improved by acquiring new gear.

  • Race parameters: some NFTs are better with some race parameters (length, type,..)

  • Training (preparation): prepare your horse carefully to optimize your chances of victory and make decisions as the horse owner (shall we unshoe the horse for this race?)

  • Overclocks: surprise! Play your bluff wisely and disrupt the race

  • Race Forecast: Got a gut feeling? Place your hoof in a real-life racer to gain a booster

Registration & Reward

Registration for a race will cost a certain amount of S-Points, which will be redistributed to the winners, with a deduction of a Stables organizer fee (around 10%).

Rewards will be distributed over all the participants following a rule similar to real-life races (1st has 45%, etc.).

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