Creating a new breed of virtual horses will be a main aspect of the game, and one of the main drivers for players to generate in-game currency, if not the main one.

In real life, horse breeding is closely studied by owners, and in most cases, the biggest champions, male or female, finish their careers as breeders.

However, we're not looking to reproduce this exact mechanism in the game where the best horses reproduce the most. We want breeding to be a fun and challenging part of playing.

By 2024, we expect to need tens of thousands of NFTs for new players who will enter the game at a lower cost, or even for free, but without the benefits of having a real horse NFT. NFTs made from real horse NFTs will be called "hybrids" and sold at a lower cost than real horse NFTs.

Thus, owners of real horse NFTs will have many chances to generate in-game revenue (S-Points) by creating and selling hybrid NFTs.

Stables intends to create a win-win situation where Original Gamers are rewarded with S-Points and other benefits for helping to grow the community and improve the gaming experience.

The exact mechanics of breeding and selling hybrid NFTs will be unveiled in 2023 to prepare for their release.

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