Race Categories, Leaderboards & Teamplay

Horses will race by categories of the same Horse Score level. So there is no way a player with lots of S-Points crush its opponents, even though S-Points may help you swiftly move upward in levels.

NFTs will also race in category according to their link to reality.

Race ClassCriteriaEffect


Only NFTs of real horses

These races will be spotlighted in the game and over allotted.

They will get rarer and rarer amongst other races.


Only hybrid NFTs

Same as Prestigious but for hybrid NFTs (mid-rarity).


Any NFTs

Once hybrid and virtual NFTs are released, these races will become the standard.


We will maintain weekly and season leaderboards, with great prizes for the winners.


By 2024 we will introduce ways to play with your friends and group your NFTs in Stables. Those will get ways to brand your space in the game, and play special races.

Lending and scholarship are mechanisms that we're looking into, but we haven't found yet a good way to implement it. It won't be disallowed though.

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