Stables is the first and only fantasy game universe based on real horses that combines the intensity of horse racing and the endless possibilities of Web3.

Our leading principle is to propose an alternative to betting on horse races: gaming!

To do so, we are building a simulation, an echo of the reality of horse racing.

It's thousands of digital horses and millions of races in a futuristic gigantic hippodrome. It's the thrill of the competition and the splendor of equines. It's a universe that opens now, with you, our beloved players.

This simulation is young, evolving, it's un..stable. So join now and build the Equiverse with us!

About us

Behind this project is PMU - Europe's leading horse race betting company - which has partnered with 321founded - a corporate startup studio.

PMU is a gateway between players and horse racing, and its essential purpose is to fund this ecosystem.

The game is based on NFTs and Web3 mechanisms, you will own the digital twin of a real race horse, rendered in 3D digital art. In the game, you will be able to generate passive game currency and enter new races. And in Stables, only one NFT is created for every horses that join the game.

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